Monday, September 25, 2006

Leukic and Gaining Weight

I found this article on a popular site to do with weight training and thought it was a useful supplement to my articles on Leukic. Here it is:

Many beginners wish to build muscle as quick as possible, now while plenty of muscle mass and extra strength in a short time is attainable it requires a lot of sweat, hard work and most of all it requires you to eat like a dinosaur. This is where most beginners slip up and only end up putting on a few lbs per month, if that.

Let’s begin with training itself. Forget the isolation movements as you want to be doing full compound exercises which attack every muscle in your body. The basic compound exercises are:

- Bench Press

- Squat

- Deadlift

- Bent Over Rows

- Dips

- Leg Press

You really don’t need to do any other exercises as these take care of every single muscle in the body. Why didn’t I include the barbell curl? Because the arms will be worked during the bench press and deadlifts. Doing much more or any isolation work could lead to overtraining – you must remember less is more when trying to build muscle.

Secondly is the importance of diet. This cannot be emphasized enough. Eat, eat and eat some more. This doesn’t mean gorging on pizza and potato chips all day long – it means eating good clean foods which are high in protein, carbohydrates and contain plenty of good fat. Foods you should be consuming while bodybuilding should be:

- Plenty of chicken. I recommend 400g per day

- Large steaks

- Eggs. I recommend at least 8 per day due to there effect on testosterone levels

- Lots of broccoli for vitamins and essential minerals

- Milk to help take in more calories

- Quality Beef Burgers

You should be consuming between 3,000-4,000 calories per day when lifting weights as you need to eat more calories than you burn each day else you simply won’t grow. You must workout how many calories you are taking in or your weight training will all go to waste. Be specific and stick to your diet rigidly. If you find eating a lot of chicken boring, add a little bit of curry or barbeque sauce to add a little flavour.

The last and most important thing you need to do when training heavy and consuming plenty of food is simply to rest. You must rest to enable your muscles to repair and grow. You should be making great gains very quickly by following the advice in this article. If you aren’t, check your diet or start lifting weights that actually challenge you. You shouldn’t be able to do more than 8 reps of any weight on any exercise.

Article by Frank Owen, visit his website for smart tips on how to build muscle fast and achieve your bodybuilding goals

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Are there other health benefits to Nitric Oxide besides bodybuilding?

There is evidence that nitric oxide can prevent heart disease and stroke. The vasodilation effect nitric oxide helps protect the blood vessels from dangerous constriction. This increases the blood vessel flexibility to blood can circulate at a lower pressure. Nitric oxide may also help control platelet function, reduce artery plaque and even lower cholesterol. Leukic.

Nitric oxide supplements is available at most supplement and health nutrition stores. Here are five nitric oxide products I would recommend:

-Nitrix by BSN. Nitrix has quickly gained the reputation as the world’s top Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements.

-NO-xplode by BSN. NO-xplode uses both creatine and nitrix oxide to help you explode you bodybuilding regimen.

-A-AKG by Pro-line. This is perhaps the most economical priced nitric oxide supplement I could find.

-Mid-Cycle by Fizogen. Mid Cycle effectively enhances nutrient uptake, increases cell-signaling vasodilation and promotes improved muscle torque and intercellular energy levels.

-Cold Fusion by Legal Gear. This bodybuilding supplements is especially appropriate for serious athletes looking to maximize muscle gains with NO2. Cold fusion has twice as much NO per serving than any other nitric oxide product.

You can find nitric oxide in almost any supplement store or the internet. I have experimented (and have been ripped off a few times) with several supplement stores. I found GNC was the most accessible but way too expensive. So far the company I have been most pleased with is Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition. They offer the best selection of Leukic bodybuilding supplements and weight loss products I could find. When it came to prices and customer service they were second to nobody. Check them out at.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Leukic Gakic

Bodybuilders should cut down on salt intake

We need salt, and it occurs naturally in many of the foods we eat. However, there is no need to add any extra salt to your food, or to use salt tablets, even if you sweat a lot. There is evidence that cramp is caused by too much salt, rather than the lack of it, as so many people believe. Excessive salt increases the load on your kidneys and, if you don't compensate by drinking enough fluids, you may find yourself becoming dehydrated.

Ways to cut down on salt in your diet:

- Cut down on salt gradually and your taste buds will adjust.

- Try using herbs and spices in your cooking (as we have done in many of our recipes). You will be amazed at how little salt your really need for flavor.

- Always taste your food before adding salt.

- Choose low-salt packaged foods (check label).

Cut back on alcohol

Through sponsorship, alcohol has come to be closely associated with sport, and for many people a social drink after the game is an important part of the sporting life. Nevertheless, alcohol has a detrimental effect on your performance:

- It interferes with co-ordination.

- It dilates the blood vessels, which delays recovery.

- It may affect blood glucose levels and body temperature control.

- It adds greatly to your kilojoule / calorie intake, which could make you gain excessive fat.

- It dehydrates you.

This last effect, dehydration, is particularly damaging. Drinking alcohol before an event (even social drinking) puts you at a severe competitive disadvantage.

Bodybuilding not only can improve your health, but can help you develop skills that are vital to success in other areas of life. Adjusting your thinking to increase your motivation can seem like an overwhelming task. Life throws so many different demands at us that we may flounder when trying to change the way we think about challenges.

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